Diversity! (No…..not the dancers!)

Published: 19th September 2017

Here at Beamish Transport, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our fleet and the diversity that provides in what we can move. With a combination of 11 car carriers, 6/7 car van carriers, caravan trailers and even a rigid 5 car carrier, we usually have a vehicle in our fleet to make most movements (up to 3.5 tonne!) a possibility!  This is the reason that we get to see such weird and wonderful vehicles among our daily moves!

With that in mind, we’ve collected together a few of the most striking vehicles we have had on board!


Aston Martin Lagonda



Flux-Capacitor included!



“Something for the weekend Sir?”


“Old Chugga”


The old…..


…and the new!


So you see, we carry the lot, old to the new, big to the little, works of art to work in progress!  I wonder what we can help you with???


What’s been happening at Beamish Towers lately?

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