Caravan Transportation

Our specially designed fleet of van carriers is ideal for motor homes, large vans and caravan transport. Due to height and width considerations, these vehicles cannot always be carried on conventional car transporters. Aside from the transport of large static caravans that require specialist clearance by law for wider loads, our vehicles provide the perfect solution to your specialist transport needs.

Caravan Transportation

Our caravan transportation and motorhome services are currently utilised by a number of manufacturers and importers, including Elddis, Auto Trail, Auto-Sleepers, Baileys and Adria. Our environmentally-friendly caravan transporter fleet is permitted to operate within Greater London due to our compliance with the London Low Emission Zone standards and equipped with cyclist aware cameras. With vehicle trackers also fitted as standard across the fleet, we can provide you with immediate feedback as to the status of your delivery.

We can also transport road sweepers, milk floats, electric vehicles, items of small plant and essentially ‘almost anything on wheels’.

All van carriers have winch-on facilities which make them suitable for transporting non-runners and those destined for recycling.

The company holds an Environment Agency licence as a Carrier of Controlled Waste – registration number CB/BE 5559ZD.

Please contact us to discuss your particular vehicle transport requirements in more detail.

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With a unique name and story behind each one in the fleet, why not get to know the transporters and their drivers.

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